Quality Coating

Finally, ECOLAP claddings are factory finished with a Teknos high performance coating system that is assured to look good and keep out the weather for years to come, all in an environmentally sound way.

The Teknos coating factories have both quality and environmental management systems, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and the Teknos coating system is water based with VOC levels significantly below current and proposed legislative levels. They are also free from any heavy metals.

The controlled factory application of the breathable and flexible primer coating and two coats of the chosen colour top coat helps ensure the best possible initial protection and a simple yearly inspection and maintenance programme allows a 5-7 year overall coating performance warranty*.

The Teknos white ANTI STAIN AQUA PRIMER is water based and helps reduce and delay discolouring of topcoat treatment around any knots in the ECOLAP claddings. The single coat primer is applied to all faces of the ECOLAP claddings.

The Teknos AQUATOP 2600 is a high build finish applied as two coats to the exterior face of the ECOLAP claddings. Providing a flexible, durable, micro-porous protective film which is resistant to bacteria, mould and UV attack, AQUATOP 2600 is available in a choice of 10 modern and fashionable opaque colours to suit each park home environment.

*The 5-7 year performance warranty on the ECOLAP coating is dependent on correct initial installation of the claddings to our instructions and a simple annual inspection and maintenance programme that is detailed in a separate maintenance guide.

Range of Colours

Due to the limitations of colour presentation, the sample colours shown are not guaranteed to be totally accurate.

To confirm exact colours, refer to the ECOLAP hand samples or sample wallchart.