Quality Design

Through our experience of supplying to the park home industry we have developed a unique design and production process for our ECOLAP claddings.

Each board is inspected prior to machining and individually planed to work with the grain so that in years to come the board will remain flat. This is an important factor in achieving the best possible coating coverage.

Each ECOLAP board is 125mm nominal size with a 110mm cover.

ECOLAP has got curves in all the right places. Curves are very important in cladding design to ensure good coating adhesion as well as providing the best possible rainwater run-off. ECOLAP has three important curves. Firstly on the top shoulder – this takes the most abrasion from the weather. Secondly on the bottom edge where our teardrop profile allows rainwater to drip off instead of settling and causing damage. And finally there are two stress grooves on the back face that relieve the natural tension in the wood allowing the boards to remain flat.

ECOLAP is so full of character. You will notice that we have left the face of ECOLAP rough sawn. This is to enhance the timber’s natural beauty and to allow you to see that it is still genuine timber underneath. The final protective coating also attains better adhesion and will therefore give greater performance.

Each ECOLAP board also neatly dovetails with the next to allow secret nailing with just one fixing at the top. This means the coating surface is not broken and the weather cannot penetrate.

The ECOLAP range also includes timber corner profiles in both 90° and 135° options that provide neat and weather proof finishes.